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Disable-output-escaping= Yes Not Working


Comment 78 JK 2006-09-10 11:02:39 PDT That bug was submitted 5 years ago. disable-output-escaping is an optional feature only supported when the XSLT processor serializes the result tree. I'm sorry then. For example:

on the XML fragment: Go and get Mozilla now! Comment 83 KUROSAKA Teruhiko 2007-05-11 12:11:09 PDT Here is an Source

But if XSLT files in real-world applications are using disable-output-escaping, and if we're stuck with editing those XSLT files, then Mozilla/Firefox is making a stand that's leaving its users without a Then I tried using the disable-output-escaping option but I'm working with Firefox so it didn't have any effect at all. Comment 17 Axel Hecht 2002-03-16 03:42:34 PST agreed Comment 18 Axel Hecht 2002-04-28 01:51:39 PDT *** Bug 140651 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Comment 19 Jonas Comment 103 Jonas Sicking (:sicking) No longer reading bugmail consistently 2008-07-08 00:52:10 PDT There are no patches yet.

Disable-output-escaping= Yes Not Working

I've no time to do such a deep hacking. I would suggest that the fix to Firefox be limited, if necessary, to scenarios where only properties of the object trees are manipulated, but the trees retain the same basic structure. Mindground - KalaaLog - Ethereal Melody - EM's Poetry - © Matthew Kastor-Inare III. Google Earth lets you enter HTML in the Description field for a placemark.

This one is possibly relevant to Mozilla's XSLT if you want to serve RSS files directly to the client. I got confused by the ending of it. Don't eat me alive... :) Comment 62 James Henstridge 2005-01-31 00:09:41 PST Pavel: when you consider that Mozilla doesn't make a distinction between eg. " ", "", " " or the equivalent UTF-8 Texas, USA speed ticket as a European citizen, already left the country What's this hole with a lock symbol on the back of my monitor?

Instead, I'm using the recommended encoding-neutral way to include a special character. Shortly XSLT spec. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up XSLT disable output escaping when disable-output-escaping is not supported up vote 0 down vote favorite Since disable-output-escaping doesn't work on firefox (and Comment 2 Axel Hecht 2001-09-04 07:56:41 PDT adding to that, please file an tech evangelism bug on the editor.

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed The statement that "there is nothing that you can do with disable-output-escaping that you can't do without it" is ABSOLUTE B*LL*CKS. What does the letter 'u' mean in /dev/urandom? Maybe I describe my problem in little more detail and you or maybe someone else can give me some advice.

Disable-output-escaping Yes Is Not Working In Xslt

Do n and n^3 have the same set of digits? In XSLT2 you can, but you loose xpath navegation of course. Disable-output-escaping= Yes Not Working Thanks Comment 8 Bob Stammers 2001-10-14 13:27:00 PDT I would like to output non-breaking space entities and compose anchors on the fly. Xslt Disable-output-escaping Example Thanks Mark! 10 September, 2008 18:07 Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Subscribe To Posts Atom Posts Comments Atom Comments About me Ivan Pepelnjak

Now, I have to use server-side XSL Transformation which is very ugly I think. this contact form Comment 88 Jo Hermans 2007-11-04 12:58:04 PST *** Bug 402465 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Comment 89 Marcelo Manzan 2007-11-27 04:01:13 PST This bug still persists Formally can money be in a plural form (monies) or not? Coworkers quitting under special circumstances -- should telling our manager be one of my options? Xsl Text

MSXML under IE handles disable-output-escaping just fine.